“I believe the future of Schumacher is networked”

“Right time - right concept!”

The Schumacher Network is the online community hosted by Schumacher College.

It is an emerging social movement, a network of relationships and sharing understandings to co-create and co-produce the world we want to see. It is about making visible and empowering this large, vibrant and diverse community – to showcase, inspire and connect what we are doing, to be part of a global movement for sustainable change.  A virtual forum to make the invisible, visible.

We can now connect with like-minded people, communicate your ideas, stories and news, and collaborate together to form groups and communities of practice, worldwide.

The Schumacher Network is developing in an iterative and organic way. Starting small – listening and adapting to what works, and where the life and energy is.  So let us know what is working for you, what is not working, and your vision of what you would like to see in the future and how you could be part of making this happen.

This has been possible thanks to the very generous and kind supporters of our crowd funding campaign. Thanks to you we raised our target of £25,000 to develop this first phase.